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Your help is needed to purchase specialized beds and furniture to support a therapeutic and comforting environment.
NICU Central Monitors are needed to check baby vital signs like oxygen stats, heartbeat and blood pressure and allow nurses to share crucial information with doctors in event of emergencies in real time.
Ecchocardiography System (GE Vivide E). This Cardiac Echo machine produces images of the heart's chambers that help the Cardiologist diagnose heart conditions and expedite care.
MSH's first treadmill will help ensure a more efficient and effective rehabilitation and recovery program for patients.
ICU Beds are currently needed to help care for COVID-19 patients and other critically ill patients at MSH.
Hospital stretchers play a critical role in patient care. They are used for transporting patients from one area of the hospital to another to receive the care they urgently need.
C-Arm Machine is a vital piece equipment that allows radiologists to view clear moving or captured images in every procedure to potentially prevent more invasive surgery. This cutting-edge x-ray machine plays a crucial role in heart, cancer and joint replacement procedures.